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1st time Burger’s Zoo this year. Because I am an annual ticket subscriptioneer (yes, I know subscriber would be the correct word) there will most likely be more Burger’s Zoo posts. This absolutely fantastic wildlife park is less than a one hour drive away from my home and I visit it regularly.

Unlike traditional zoos, Burgers’ Zoo has eco-displays, where large scale natural habitats are recreated in which animals, nature and visitor roam together.” — quote from the original Burger’s Zoo website. I highly recommend visiting not only the website but also the zoo itself if you get the chance. (And no, I’m not affiliated or anyhow connected with the zoo and I do not get paid or something for recommending this special zoo.)

Today I took the quick route to the “desert” to look for the prairie dogs, but they were mostly hidden. After quite a while my waiting was rewarded by two hungy fellows. After that I headed over to the chimps with a quick stop at the wallabies.

Chimps and gorillas are still inside, because it’s way to cold and there’s a bunch of snow these days.

I was shooting on my X-T5 with the Fujinon 100-400 today and got a number of decent photos from our relatives. Than one of these buddies covered himself with a blue jacket and made faces to the others. This was fun. 

As I was already thinking about moving on one of the female chimps turned around and presented her little baby. Oh boy, this is a cute scene, when the baby awkwardly explores his/her world. Finally she grabbed her child again, hugged it and then held it tight.

The gorillas were still sleeping apart from the big male. Looks like he’s thinking about, what woke him up.

Enough for tody – let’s drive home.