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Düsseldorf Medienhafen is a great area for photography in general and especially for street, documentary and architecture photography. We had a wonderful photowalk this day. The light was mostly quite flat with a lot of clouds in the sky, what made shooting for buldings and general environment the perfect goal. Of course I could not resist pointing the camera to some people as well.

I was shooting on my good old OM-5 this day with the 9mm Panasonic Leica Summilux for some wide angle architecture shots and the 45mm Olympus for environmental and people shots.

From all of the people walking around this day, there was one lovely couple, that really stood out. They were so sweet and obviously enjoyed their time together – and I got a very nice shot of them walking by. This is my very favorite of the whole day.

For an overview shot around the harbor I weighed up a pano against a couple of single shots over the harbor basin. As you can see the pano lost – mostly because I was to lazy to carry around a tripod the whole day. The pano would have been absolutely possible using the railing at the basin, but I think, the photo series from left to right gives a good representation of the view – and the single buildings stand out a bit more as if they were all merged together in a big pano.